If you are looking for a good reason why you should buy a property in Turkey, this country will definitely give you more than one. Potential buyers decide to choose the best option for their investment and an ideal destination for living with many benefits.

Foreigners have a big impact on the growth of Turkish real estate market. Why have so many people chosen Turkey? What are the reasons for Turkish real estate market to attract foreigners?

Benefits of Buying a Property in Turkey

- Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the property market benefits from this fact.

- The prices of properties for sale in Turkey are much cheaper than similar properties in other European countries.

- A diverse portfolio: Real estate market in Turkey offers a great choice of properties for sale for every budget.

- The cost of living (housing, food, clothing, services) is quite low. You will get a great quality at great price.  

- Smooth buying process: Over the past few years, Turkish government simplified the buying process which can be completed within a week after choosing the property to signing a title deed.

- Low property taxes.

- High return on profit: the prices of properties and rental properties in Turkey are increasing each year making the investment in property highly profitable.

- Turkey's location on the world map and easy access: Turkey is located between Asia and Europe, literally placed in the middle of the world. The transport system of Turkey guarantees easy access from most of the places over the world.

- Turkey offers a great climate, beautiful nature, many historical sites and exquisite cuisine.

As we have mentioned above, being an owner of property in Turkey is a privilege with many benefits. If you are looking for a profitable investment, a place to spend the holidays or live permanently, Turkey is the right choice for you.  

/ Indira Abilova

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